Akron: From child abuse victim to beauty queen


MAY 18, 2013


This is a family focused event with activities and informational booths available.

JOIN, MS. OHIO, Sharnae Lathan of the TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY pageant.  Sharnae Lathan  will be among the panel of speakers for the event and hosting the display for "Thru A Child's Eyes. Who Cares?"campaign.

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2013 

Location: Summit Mall Akron, Ohio

Time: 1pm-4pm est.

Time of Speech: 3:30 pm est., by Ms. Ohio USA 2013 (TOT)


April 30, 2013

Join Sharnae Lathan Along with Other Brave Advoctes Speaking Out Against Child Abuse.


CALL IN TO SPEAK WITH THE HOST (347) 989-8875/ (877) 806-7462

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On Monday, April 15th 2013, 1pm EST, SISFI hosts our Virtual National Child Abuse Awareness and Solutions Debate on SISFI Radio 347.989.8875, to discuss the true state of Child Abuse and the various challenges we’re seeing across the country, and what solutions are in place and needed to address them. From our own work and research, the national statistics that are published are not reflecting the true numbers of the cases of child abuse because more cases are not being reported for various reasons. So the numbers are not going down, they are actually higher and we are bringing these issues to the forefront with facts from the ground and in the trenches.


The panelists are nationally acclaimed advocates, child abuse victims, human rights, social workers, mental health professionals and officials who will be discussing the issues and challenges on various levels. The second part to this debate will be on Tuesday April 30th at 8pm EST on SISFI Radio (Sharnae Lathan, Ms. Ohio USA 2013 (TOT) Pageant will also join the panel of Advocates). SISFI Radio has an active and engaged audience of over 30,000 listeners from 15 countries which allow our programs to reach more people than our physical events.


Due to the widespread nature of topic and our focus on the national level, we decided to host the event as a virtual event as we had many people who expressed interest from across the country. The debate can be listened LIVE via phone by calling 347.989.8875 or online via the show page at http://tobtr.com/s/4654825. The debate will be recorded and archived for on-demand listening so if you miss the LIVE event you can visit the show page anytime to listen to it as a podcast. The Facebook event page is https://www.facebook.com/events/146799062161066 

Mr. Brett A. Scudder, president/chairman of SISFI, director of SISFI's Abuse Behavioral Investigation Team "ABIT" and Executive Director of SISFI's Abuse & Suicide First Aid Response and Wellness Centers “ASFARWC” will host and moderate the debate. He will also be talking about SISFI’s No Child Left Abused and Alone Program which was created for and about children who are abused, being abused and/or living in abusive homes and environments that provides hands-on resources, counseling, aid and services for them.

Child Abuse is everybody’s problem, and if 1 child is being abused, we should all be hurting for that child. Let's join the movement to end abuse of our children and allow them to live the lives they were granted to have and Love.

There are many challenges facing victims of abuse and as a society we are still denying the seriousness and severity of the issues on every level until it becomes a fatality of life threatening incident.


Who speaks for the voiceless and those suffering in silence as their innocence is ripped and raped away from them leaving them to deal with the physical, mental and life changing impacts?


It’s time we called for a “United People Against the Re-victimization and Re-traumatization of Abused Victims and Survivors” movement so they can start receiving effective needed and viable attention, support, resources and programs that suits their challenges and needs today.

Please join us for this very important discussion as we share real world data on this very serious, important and invisible silent killer. Please share and invite your network. One Love.

Thank you and God bless.



http://sisfi.org | [email protected] | (347) 230-9227/9228

March 28, 2013

Join Sharnae Lathan  Speaking Out Against Child Abuse.

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"News: On Thursday March 28th, 9pm, my guest on @SISFI_Radio is Ms. Sharnae Lathan, founder of Thru A Child's Eyes. Who Cares? Charity & Ms. Ohio USA 2013 of the Triumph Over Tragedy Pageant, and Child Abuse Advocate. We will be talking about her life and challenges. The number to call to listen the show LIVE on the air with us is 347.989.8875 and the online show page is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sisfi/2013/03/29/sisfi-interviews-ms-sharnae-lathanchild-sexual-abuse-victim where listeners can interact via Facebook comments and the show chatroom.

Thank you for reaching out Ms. Lathan and accepting my invite to do this deed. I'm looking forward to this interview as I read her story and was like , wow, mindboggling. This story will most certainly open your eyes to a much greater problems of the abuse our children go through with no privacy or remorse for what harm abusers cause. 

Join us for the interview LIVE on the air or via the show page.

Thank you and have a great day,

~Brett A. Scudder~"

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