Thru a Child's Eyes. Who Cares? 

Thru a Child's Eyes. Who Cares?, is a newly formed "Child Abuse" Awareness Campaign established on behalf of the growing "Child Abuse Epidemic". This new global movement is designed to magnify International Awareness of Child Safety and Prevention of Child Abuse. 

The Safety of our Children, is the heart and soul of this new charitable movement. "Thru A Child's Eyes. Who Cares?" is a powerful campaign dedicated to enlighteing the community, Thru A Child's Eyes. Our goal is to Raise Awareness of Child Safety and Prevention of Child Abuse. We want to understand the needs of our children and the impact on the community when those needs are not met.  We will unify the community to respond with swift, compassionate action to end Child Abuse. 

When children are silently experiencing their pain, alone in darkness, they wonder "Who Cares?" Who Cares, about their hurt and pain? When we all look "Thru A Child's Eyes" and truly understand their agony, then we will all show thru our action, in unison, " We Care!" "We Will End Child Abuse!"


Sharnae Lathan was, Ms. OHIO USA 2013 for a pageant promoting child safety. Sharnae used the wonderful world of pageantry to raise awareness of Child Safety. Her platform is "Thru A Child's Eyes. Who Cares?" (which works to Raise Awareness of Child Safety and Prevention of Child Abuse). Sharnae now reach children by promoting "No Secrets" for the "T.A.C.E. Who Cares? Charity. She has had thousands of children pledge to Not Keep Secrets. This platform is close to her heart because of her personal experience of child abuse. "I want to honor the women and men in my community who have been victims of child abuse by sharing our experiences and encouraging others to take a stand. We can't remain victims while innocent children are in need of Heroes. 

Sharnae Lathan is a National Motivational Speaker and Comedian raising awareness of child safety.

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