Raising a Million Voices to Combat the Silence of Child Abuse.

Sharnae Lathan - Founder & Director




Akron/Cleveland, Ohio
 Awareness and Prevention of Child Abuse.  

My name is Sharnae Lathan. I was abused as a child, by a person I know and loved.  I regret the secrets I kept from my mother. I unknowingly repressed the horrific memories, unaware of my childhood trauma. This helped me survive thru the traumatic experiences my mind did not want to recall. It did not protect other children from experiencing the same abuse. My abuser used his intelligence and others negligence to enslave other children and I, in his horrid illusion. I sought counseling.  As I worked thru my repressed memories, I unraveled the truth. I was abused by a pedophile and sociopath. I experienced a cocktail of depression.  I was warned of this battle, to avoid it at all cost, to just move on. I can't. I won't. Not when I know of the incredible damage child abuse will cause.  I fear for the safety of all children experiencing abuse. Then I realized what was to be feared most. SILENCE. I began speaking out against Child Abuse on  Thanksgiving Day 2012.  I fight to combat the silence of children traumatized due to abuse. Every day I grow stronger. Every day my voice becomes louder. Together we will Raise Awareness of Child Safety and End Child Abuse. 

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